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Our Advantage

Future and Value

  • Support

  • Self-adjust

  • Fitting the markets

System Integration

  • More flexible

  • Easier to grow business


  • Develop loyal customers

  • Increase repurchase rate

  • Fast and accurate information flow


  • Total solution

  • Field equipment planning

  • Operational experience sharing and training

  • Equipment maintenance


  • Contents through market validation

  • Multi-player contents

  • E-Sports


Content Module

We have variety of contents  including creative, adventurous, sporty and competitive contents.
And all are through market validation &  integration testing.
  • VR Escape Room

  • Free Roaming (Competition/Adventure & Horror)

  • Teenagers (Shooting/E-sports/Theme Experiences)

  • VR Escape Room

  • Family & Kids

  • VR Movie

  • Theme Park

  • Time based lounge

  • STEAM (Education & Training)

Content Module Lists

Theme Experiences (Single Player)

  • Project Cars Pro

  • The Plank Walk

4D Motion Sitting Experience

(Single Player)

  • Birdy King Land

  • Time Machine

  • Far Reach

VR Sports Arena (Single Player)

  • Baseball Kings VR

  • Badminton Kings VR

  • Tennis Kings VR

  • Ping Pong Kings VR

  • Squash Kings VR

  • Archery Kings VR

Time-based lounge

  • Selected 100+ contents

VR Movie Theater

  • Movie Contents  (15+ contents)

STEAM (Education & Training)

  • VR Popular Science

  • Arts & Culture

  • Puzzle & Learning

Theme Park

  • Dinosaur Age XR

VR Escape Room (Multiplayer, max 6ppl)

  • Mission Sigma

  • Sanctum

  • Christmas Story

  • The Prison 

  • Signal Lost

  • Cyberpunk

  • Escape the lost Pyramid

  • Beyond Medusa´s Gate


(Competition/E-Sports, max 4ppl)

  • Zero Aim

  • Must Save Doris​


(Adventure & Horror, max 2ppl)

  • Hide & Seek

  • Paranormal hotel

  • The Hopping Dead

  • Wizard and Dragon

  • Alice VR

Teenagers (Shooting/E-sports)

  • Front Defense: Heroes (max 10ppl)

  • Horde Z Arcade  (max 4ppl)

  • Dinosaur Commando I or II (max 4ppl)

  • Invaders (max 4ppl)

  • Horus Ball (max 4ppl)

Family & Kids 

  • Candy Hero (max 2ppl)

  • Magic Night Party (max 4ppl)

  • AR Sand Box (max 6~7ppl) 

  • Kooring Wonderland  

  • Fun Zoo

  • Combine War Toys

  • Sports Arena


Service Provision

  • Total solution

  • Site planning, traffic flow design

  • Installation

  • Operational experience sharing and training

  • Equipment maintenance training

  • Innovative content is updated regularly

  • Field operation consultant

  • Problem solving remotely


Cooperation Process

  1. Contact us

  2. Visit VIVELAND and experience the VR

  3. Discuss the business cooperation, and determine the intention

  4. Signing the contract and preliminary preparation

  5. Store decoration and installation

  6. Material supply and opening ceremony

  7. After-sales service


VIVELAND Operation Sites & Showcases

VIVELAND Taipei Site

  • A Demo Site for Arcade Solution Provider

  • Space size: 330 square-meter park

  • Offer first-hand VR experience with 30 different VR scenarios

  • Offer private reservations for up to 50 people

  • Facebook - Black Circle

VIVELAND Kaohsiung Site

  • Space size: 826 square-meter park

  • The largest VR multi-sensory exhibition park of overall size in Taiwan

  • Offer over 40 VR contents

  • Offer private reservations for up to 150 people

  • The VR E-Sports with FDH content

  • Facebook

VIVELAND Hong Kong Site

  • Space size: 315 square-meter park

  • Located at the Discovery Park shopping mall in Tsuen Wan

  • Offer over 30 VR contents

  • Integrated with VIVE Retail store

  • Offer private reservations for up to 70 people

    • Facebook

    Xtra Life KSA Site

    • Space size: 1500 square-meter entertainment park

    • Located in the eastern city of Khobar

    • The largest VR multi-sensory exhibition park of overall size in Saudi Arabia

    • Offer private reservations for up to 200 people

    • Facebook

    Dinosaur Age XR Park

    • Space size: 521 square-meter park and located in Kaohsiung.

    • An excellent VR experience, Dinosaur Age XR, which applied the AR and VR technologies and was designed for VR arcades, FECs and amusement parks.

    • The integrations with the simulation chair, fan, heater and high quality content bring you into the real Jurassic world.

      • Facebook



      Sports Center




      Arcade Store




      Video & Media

      Official Introductory Trailer